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Past events

23/11/2016 Workshop on the Practical Implementation of Alignment II: Learning from Good Practice

Workshop on Practical Implementation of Alignment II – Novel activities, guidelines and Lessons Learnt 23 November 2016, 14.00-17.00, in Brussels Read more

22/11/2016 - 23/11/2016 Annual Joint Programming Conference 2016, 22-23 November 2016

Impacts of Public-Public Partnerships - expectations and experiences MCE Management Centre Europe, Rue de l´Aqueduc 118, 1050 Brussels Read more

09/11/2016 Future of Joint Programming and its instruments

Workshop to discuss with Key player the status and future of Joint Programming Read more

28/09/2016 - 29/09/2016 Implementing ERA-NET Cofund

A hands-on Workshop for new practitioners in ERA-NET Cofund Read more

18/05/2016 ERA-LEARN 2020 Workshop on evaluation and impact assessment of P2Ps

Assessing the impacts of public-to-public networks in research and innovation (such as JPIs, ERA-NETs, Art. 185s) is vital for building a convincing case and establishing the added value of these networks compared with national or other European initiatives. Significant work has been done in this area in recent years, especially for ERA-NETs. Notwithstanding the value of this work, examining and documenting the socio-economic impact accruing from such networks is not an easy task. The assessment of socio-economic impacts emerging from research faces a number of challenges, including difficulties in identifying and addressing all (potential) users and beneficiaries, in applying counter-factual approaches and identifying causality, the inherent complexity due to the multiplicity of impacts and their variable timeframes, not to mention the potential of unintended impacts. At the same time, there are growing concerns that existing indicators for impact measurement are not appropriate for assessing the socio-economic impacts emerging from public-to-public networks, while the definition of the socio-economic value of research and innovation itself is not straightforward. Read more

20/01/2016 - 22/01/2016 ERA-LEARN Training Course: Using Foresight in Public-Public-Partnerships (P2Ps)

ERA-LEARN 2020 offers a training course on the application of foresight-processes for trans-national coordination of strategic research and innovation. The aim of this training course is to empower management structures of Public-Public-Partnerships in their endeavor to develop, align and update their Strategic Research (and Innovation) Agendas in the trans-national context of Joint Programme Initiatives. Read more

14/01/2016 - 15/01/2016 Annual Joint Programming Conference 2015 (14-15 Jan 2016)

The Conference (original date 24-25 Nov 2015 cancelled) was shifted to 14-15 January 2016. Presentations and conference proceedings are available for download. Read more

24/11/2015 - 25/11/2015 Annual Joint Programming Conference 2015

The 2015 Joint Programming Conference will focus on “Building and Sustaining Commitment to Public-Public Partnerships”. The conference will be held 24-25 Nov 2015 at MCE Management Center Europe in Brussels. Read more

Please note: detailed documentation of past events will be available soon.

  • 7/8/2014: ERA-LEARN workshop: Implementing Joint Calls (3-4 Sep 2014). A hands-on Workshop for new practitioners in ERA-NET Cofund and JPIs
  • 4/2/2014: “Synchronised Calls – Concept and Funding” Information Workshop on the new ERA initiative in first H2020 Work Programme
  • 28/1/2014: Infoday on ERA-NET Cofund under Horizon 2020
  • 13/1/2014: ERA-LEARN workshop: Implementing Joint Calls (8-9 Jan 2014). A hands-on Workshop for new practitioners in ERA-NET, ERA-NET Plus and JPIs.
  • 10/10/2013: ERA-LEARN workshop: Implementing Joint Calls (18-19 Sep 2013). A hands-on Workshop for new practitioners in ERA-NET, ERA-NET Plus and JPIs.
  • 24/01/2013: ERA-LEARN workshop: Addressing the needs of the mature trans-national coordination community
  • 13/06/2012: The future ERA-NET instrument under Horizon 2020
  • 9/11/2011: Annual Joint Programming Event 2011
  • 8/11/2011: Workshop on Experience of Member States and Associated Countries with the ERA-NET instrument
  • 8/11/2011: Workshop on cost-benefit analysis of ERA-NETs and their calls
  • 7/11/2011: ERA-LEARN Training Workshop 2011
  • 7/4/2011: Strategy Workshop - Innovation Union - Joint Programming and its instruments
  • 16/3/2011: Workshop Implementing ERA-NETs
  • 8/11/2010: Workshops on continuation of ERA-Net networks
  • 23/03/2010: ERA-NETs on stage - Annual ERA-NET event 2010
  • 31/03/2009: ERA-NETs on stage - Annual ERA-NET event 2009
  • 13/03/2008: Launching event ERA-NET Learning Platform and NETWATCH System
  • 14/11/2007: Workshop for ERA-NETs on Industrial Technologies