Selection Criteria for European Partnerships

The requirements towards the set-up of European Partnerships stem from different legal bases, in particular Horizon Europe (Art. 10 (2) and Annex III).

Also additional documents include issues to be considered for the setting up of European Partnerships. These include:

  • demonstrating that the European Partnership is more effective in achieving the related objectives of the Programme
  • coherence and synergies of the European Partnership within the Union R&I landscape
  • transparency and openness of the European Partnership as regards the identification of priorities and objectives in terms of expected results and impacts and as regards the involvement of partners and stakeholders from across the entire value chain, from different sectors, backgrounds and disciplines, including international ones when relevant and not interfering with European competitiveness;
  • ex ante demonstration of additionality and directionality of the European Partnership, including a common strategic vision of the purpose of the European Partnership. That vision includes in particular:
    • identification of measurable expected outcomes, results and impacts within specific timeframes, including key economic and/or societal value for the Union;
    • demonstration of expected qualitative and significant quantitative leverage effects, including a method for the measurement of key performance indicators;
    • approaches to ensure flexibility of implementation and to adjust to changing policy, societal and/or market needs, or scientific advances, to increase policy coherence between regional, national and Union level;
      exit-strategies and measures for phasing-out from the Programme;
  • ex ante demonstration of the partners' long-term commitment, including a minimum share of public and/or private investments.
  • the political desire to enable additional joint activities beyond joint calls;
  • encourage exploitation of research and innovation results and actively disseminate and exploit results, in particular for leveraging private investments and for policy development;
  • strengthen international cooperation in support of Union policy objectives and international commitments;
  • reinforce the link between research, innovation and, where appropriate, education, training and other policies, including complementarities with national, regional and Union research and innovation policies and activities;
  • increase public awareness and acceptance, respond to demand and encourage the diffusion and uptake of new solutions by involving, where appropriate, citizens and end users in co design and co creation processes.

In the case of Institutionalised European Partnerships, established in accordance with Article 185 or 187 TFEU, the financial and/or in-kind contributions from partners other than the Union, is at least equal to 50 % and may reach up to 75 % of the aggregated European Partnership budgetary commitments. For each such Institutionalised European Partnership, a share of the contributions from partners other than the Union will be in the form of financial contributions. For partners other than the Union and participating states, financial contributions should be aimed primarily at covering administrative costs as well as coordination and support and other non-competitive activities.

In the case of Institutionalised European Partnerships established in accordance with Article 185 TFEU, the participation of at least 40 % of the Member States is mandatory.

Specific requirements for the Co-programmed Partnerships are set out in the Memoranda of Understandings and/or contractual arrangement of the Co-programmed European Partnership, in particular pursuing a long-term common vision, providing the general, specific and operational objectives, defining key performance indicators and additional activities of the Co-programmed European Partnerships.

Specific requirements for the EIT-KICs are set out in the EIT Regulation and the EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) 2021 – 2027.

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