Types of Partnerships

Horizon Europe distinguishes between 3 types of European Partnerships:

  • Co-funded partnerships involving public authorities
  • Co-programmed partnerships between the Commission and private and/or public partners
  • Institutionalised partnerships (based on Article 187 or Article 185 TFEU)

The 3 types of European Partnerships are different from each other with respect to their implementation and certain other features. The Co-programmed are the most simple to prepare and implement, and the Institutionalised, the most complex.

The European Partnerships in Horizon Europe have evolved from certain partnership types in Horizon 2020:

  • The Co-funded partnerships are successors of the European Joint Programme (EJP) Cofund and ERA-NET Cofund actions under Horizon 2020.
  • The Co-programmed partnerships follow the Contractual Public-Private-Partnerships (cPPP) under Horizon 2020.
  • Institutionalised European Partnerships are based on Art. 187 and Art. 185 of the TFEU but are no longer called Art. 185/187 initiatives or Joint Undertakings. EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (EIT-KICs) will also be Institutionalised partnerships in Horizon Europe.

The graph below shows the transition of partnerships from Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe. It is important to note, that existing initiatives/actions do not stop or change to the new format with the start of Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe Typs of Partnership