Accessibility Statement

ERA-LEARN strives to make its website accessible in accordance with the Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz (WZG, Web Accessibility Act, BGBl. I. Nr. 59/2019 idgF).

This Accessibility Statement shall apply to the website

Status of compliance with the requirements

The ERA-LEARN endeavours to ensure that this website complies with Conformance Level AA of the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – WCAG 2.1" .

The non-compliances and exceptions are listed below.

Non-accessible content

The contents listed below are not accessible for the following reasons:

a. Non-compliance with the accessibility regulations

ERA-LEARN documents
Mostly older PDF and Office documents are not barrier-free. For example, PDF documents are not tagged so that screen reader users cannot or only insufficiently capture and use them. We plan to make our older PDF or downloads barrier-free when we are updating the files.

We are currently working to implement an alternative representation of the various charts on the website.

Should you need non-accessible content in an accessible format, please contact We will try to provide the content in an alternative format.

b. Disproportionate burden

Our ERA-LEARN video recordings are hosted and published on YouTube, which is not within FFG's sphere of influence. At this stage it is not possible to add audio descriptions on YouTube.This is why the WCAG criterion 1.2.5 (Audio Description (Prerecorded)) could not be fulfilled.

c. Content is not within the scope of the applicable legislation

Third-party content, such as presentation materials from external lecturers at ERA-LEARN events or documents of the European Commission, which are not within FFG's sphere of influence. This content is excluded from Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz.

There are videos embedded, which have been published before September 23, 2020. These videos are excluded from Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz

Preparation of this Accessibility Statement

This statement was prepared on 22 September 2020.

The declaration was prepared on the basis of a self-assessment carried out by ERA-LEARN. A second evaluation is ongoing and will be completed by the End of October 2020.

Feedback and contact details

If you experience any problems that make it difficult for you to access and use our website – i.e. problems and/or deficiencies with regard to compliance with accessibility requirements – please notify us by email.

Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

We will review your comments and take the necessary steps.

Enforcement procedure

If you are not satisfied with how we respond to your enquiry and/or with the answers provided, you may complain to the Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (FFG, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency). The FFG accepts complaints sent electronically using the contact form below (please click on the link below).

Contact form – digital accessibility complaints office (German)

Complaints received are examined by the FFG with a view to determining if they relate to violations of the provisions stipulated in the Web-Zugänglichkeits-Gesetz (Web Accessibility Act), in particular to deficiencies with respect to compliance with accessibility requirements by a federal government or the legal entities concerned and propose measures designed to remedy the problem.

More information about the complaint process (German)