Responsible Research & Innovation

The body of knowledge and practice for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) relevant for Horizon Europe was built up during Horizon 2020. Thus, the elements of RRI provided in the Commission’s H2020 quidelines – ethics, gender equality, open access, public engagement and science education – were laid as basis also for European partnerships. In addition, some other topics have been addressed here by ERA-LEARN to shape the optimal entity of RRI guidelines being useful for partnerships.

During the implementation phase of Horizon Europe, the Commission has provided a new RRI tool kit, which enables to tackle separate issues also by choosing the target group in question.

Responsible Research & Innovation in European Partnerships
Equality & non-discrimination Promotion of equality and non-discrimination in all EU policy, acknowledging uncoscious bias
Ethics Guidelines on research integrity for responsible conduct of research
Inclusiveness and public engagement Openness and transparency of partnerships & public engagement of citizen
IPR & GDPR IPR rules and GDPR respected
Open Science Openly available research outputs: Open access to Publications & Open Data
Responsible evaluation & decision making DORA, CoARA & responsible use of research metrics, no bias in evaluation
SDGs & EC priorities Taking into consideration UN Sustainable Development Goals and European Commission priorities 2019-2024