Institutionalised European Partnerships

These partnerships require the preparation and adoption of a Commission proposal (incl. ex-ante impact assessment). They are implemented by dedicated structures created for that purpose.

The research and innovation programmes are undertaken

  • by several Member States, based on a Decision by the Council and European Parliament in accordance with Article 185 TFEU, or
  • by bodies established through a Decision of the Council pursuant to Article 187 TFEU, such as Joint Undertakings, or
  • by EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities in compliance with the EIT Regulation and the EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA).

Institutionalised partnerships are to be implemented only in the cases where other forms of European Partnerships are not considered appropriate to achieve the objectives or generate the expected impacts, and if justified by a long-term perspective and high degree of integration.

Crash Course on European Partnerships

Crash Course on European Partnerships by Joerg Niehoff, DG Research and Innovation, Partnerships, Head of Sector
held at the ERA-LEARN Workshop "Supporting the preparation of future European Partnerships" on 09 March 2020 in Brussels

Video Recording

Example Candidate Partnership