European Joint Programme Cofund (EJP Cofund)

EJP Cofund under Horizon 2020 was a co-fund action designed to support coordinated national research and innovation programmes. The EJP Cofund aimed at attracting and pooling a critical mass of national resources on objectives and challenges of Horizon 2020 and at achieving significant economies of scales by adding related Horizon 2020 resources to a joint effort.

EJP Cofund allowed implementation of a joint programme of activities, ranging from research and innovation projects to coordination and networking activities, as well as training activities, demonstration and dissemination activities, support to third parties etc. The EJP Cofund supported direct consortium activities and/or (single or multiple) calls for proposals for financial support to third parties.

When submitting an EJP Cofund proposal, activities from the first year were listed in detail in the first Annual Work Plan. In every successive year, an Annual Work Plan needed to be submitted and was subject to Commission approval. There was a fixed reimbursement rate indicated in the Work Programme applied to the overall pool of all eligible direct and indirect costs. The duration of EJP Cofund actions was fixed to 5 years with 12-month reporting periods. There was the possibility of having two pre-financing payments, to provide adequate cash flow in case of very large programmes.