EJP Cofund under Horizon 2020 – background information

EJP Cofund actions support coordinated national research and innovation programmes. An EJP Cofund is not focusing solely on cofunding a joint call but on cofinancing a joint programme of activities.

A wide range of activities is possible. EJP Cofund allows implementation of a joint programme of activities and supports direct consortium activities and/or (single or multiple) calls for proposals for financial support to third parties.

Participants in EJP Cofund actions must be legal entities owning or managing national research and innovation programmes. Beyond the minimum participants, other legal entities may participate if justified by the nature of the action, in particular entities created to coordinate or integrate transnational research efforts, grouping funding from public and private sources.

At least five legal entities need to be involved in an EJP Cofund. Each of the five must be established in a different EU Member State or Horizon 2020 associated country. All five legal entities must be independent of each other.

A flexible reimbursement rate up to 70% of the total eligible costs of the action is used.

The typical duration of an EJP Cofund is 5 Years. The maximum duration is 6 years. Two pre-financing payments are possible.

The budget categories differ from ERA-NET Cofunds. In addition to “direct costs of providing financial support to third parties” other categories like personnel costs or costs of subcontracting are also eligible.

An annual Work Plan has to be submitted already with the proposal and again as a deliverable with every periodic reporting package.

An example for a call can be found here.

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