Inclusiveness and public engagement

Open and transparent operation is key for partnerships that should be inclusive and effectively spread their activities and R&I results to the use of society, i.e. by increasing awareness about partnerships and their activities, attracting other relevant partners or tempting utilizers for the produced data and results.

Openness and transparency are especially needed for including countries that are less represented in partnerships (widening countries). Recommendations especially for this purpose are given in the report of GPC Task force Openness and Transparency of Networks (see Related Files).

Opportunities to include widening countries can be facilitated through a whole variety of activities, e.g. membership in Management Boards, Strategic Advisory Bodies, Trans-disciplinary Advisory Bodies, Internal Advisory Committees, preparation of Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas and in leading Work Packages or Task forces at the project level.

Public engagement

Public engagement (PE) in RRI is about co-creating the future with citizens and civil society organisations and also bringing on board the widest possible diversity of actors that would not normally interact with each other around the activities of partnerships.
When taken properly into account, this leads to multiple benefits in participation and contributions to the R&I results as well as their diffusion in society.

The three recommendations by Commission for the implementation of the PE are:

  • Build participatory Research & Innovation (R&I) actions
  • Provide inputs to influence EU R&I policy agenda
  • Support the development and implementation of thematic policies