Welcome to ERA-LEARN 2020

ERA-LEARN 2020 is a support action (CSA) funded by Horizon 2020. It started in January 2015 as a support platform for the Public-Public-Partnerships (P2P) community.
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P2P in brief

Public to Public Partnerships (P2Ps) align national strategies, helping to overcome fragmentation of public research effort. P2Ps involve varying degrees of joint effort, from ERA-NET, where Member States co-ordinate national programmes and launch joint calls with EC participation, to Article 185 Initiatives, which represent the closest integration of national programmes. Joint Programming is a newly launched P2P concept founded on high-level commitment based on either joint calls or other forms of cooperation to address a particular societal challenge.
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Open calls for transnational RTD projects

Calendar of joint calls launched by P2P networks