European Forum Alpbach 2017 - Technology Symposium

Date: 24/08/2017 - 26/08/2017

Annual Technology symposium in Alpbach, Austria - under the headline theme of "Conflict and Cooperation"

This year's Technology Symposium will be searching for new pathways and tools for a society in transition, under the headline theme of "Conflict and Cooperation". The battle for resources, new disruptive technologies, climate change and many other factors (such as approaching the limits of growth) require new solutions for economic and social issues. The digital world is especially suitable for creating innovative approaches. The virtual world seems to have almost no borders and sharing and cooperation are highly popular. Will new digital technologies help us to achieve more equality by cooperation? Social networks, big data and the internet of things offer huge opportunities which have not been exhausted so far. The competition and disputing of ideas are essential for innovation and social development. However, only broad-based cooperation uniting researchers, enterprises and citizens will enable us to finally tackle the big social challenges. For example, how can smart cities deploy new sustainable mobility concepts? Can decarbonization help us regain balance with ourselves and the world? In any case, cooperation will be one of the decisive factors for the development of mankind and the whole evolution of life.

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