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ERA-LEARN, in conjunction with the European Commission, seeks to continually update our information and statistics in relation to the P2P landscape, which includes joint transnational calls and funded projects. On the following site we provide this information.

The 2020 annual report, in addition to providing an updated picture of the evolving P2P landscape, highlights examples of good practice from networks across the community as they seek to address specific challenges related to widening, inclusiveness and globalisation.  It also celebrates the achievements of some long-standing partnerships and demonstrates good practice among the community in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.   The report also summarises the strategic work of ERA-LEARN during 2020 and provides an overview of the impact of the pandemic on P2P networks over the last year.

Some key statistics related to the P2P landscape in 2020 are presented here.


  • 105 networks were active in January 2020, two of which were new in that month. Eighteen networks ended during 2020 (one was an Article 185, two were EJPs and 15 were ERA-NET Cofunds) 

Joint Calls:

  • 61 joint calls closed in 2020, 43% of which were ERA-NET Cofund calls
  • Of the 26 ERA-NET Cofund calls that closed in 2020, seven were initial co-funded calls and 19 were additional calls (with no EU co-funding). Two networks implemented their 4th additional call, one implemented its 5th additional call, and one implemented its 6th additional call.  Seven of the ERA-NET Cofound calls were directly linked to JPI networks
  • Between 2004 and 2020, some 747 joint calls were implemented by P2P networks, 132 of which were ERA-NET Cofund calls
  • The total national cumulative budget (pre-call) committed to all joint calls, since 2004, is almost Euro 8.9 billion (excluding EU contribution)
  • Total national commitment to joint calls implemented by ERA-NET Cofunds, since their inception, has been more than Euro 2.1 billion
  • The calls that closed in 2020, across all network types, covered most thematic areas. “Space” was not represented in the 2020 calls
  • “Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing” was the most represented thematic area in 2020, with 40% of calls being implemented in this area (this figure is skewed somewhat due to one network, EDCTP, launching a number of calls during the year)

Funded Projects:

  • More than 9,300 projects have been funded by joint calls since 2004, with cumulative investment of some Euro 9 billion
  • ERA-NET Cofunds have funded almost 1,800 transnational projects since 2015, with around 39% of these resulting from additional calls (without EU co-funding)

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