Workshop on the Practical Implementation of Alignment II: Learning from Good Practice

Date: 23/11/2016

Workshop on Practical Implementation of Alignment II – Novel activities, guidelines and Lessons Learnt

23 November 2016, 14.00-17.00, in Brussels

The workshop aimed at the development of guidelines and lessons learnt for novel joint actions to achieve alignment. Based on a variety of investigated case studies, practical guidelines how to achieve alignment via selected joint actions should be developed:

  1. Achieving alignment via strategic and policy cooperation
  2. Achieving alignment via integration of national RTDI projects and programmes
  3. Achieving alignment via institutional cooperation and networking amongst researchers
  4. Achieving alignment via sharing of research infrastructures and data

The workshop was targeted to practitioners in P2P (on invitation only) concerned with alignment at both operational and strategic levels. We would like to address:

  • the chairs and heads of management of all JPIs with the kind request to nominate max. two representatives for each JPI who are concerned with alignment related activities within the JPIs
  • key representatives of best practice case studies and
  • selected members of the Mutual Learning Exercise on Alignment.

Detailed information

    1. Strategic and Policy Cooperation and Enhanced National (In-Country) Coordination
    2. National and transnational research and innovation programmes
    3. Institutional cooperation between research and innovation performing organisations
    4. Sharing of research knowledge, data and infrastructure

    Session 1. Introduction


      Introduction of the workshop aim and setting

    Session 2. World Café


      Interactive discussion on the four tables I


      Coffee break


      Interactive discussion on the four tables II


    Session 3. Reporting to audience


      Reporting from the discussions on the four tables


    Session 4. Conclusion


      Next Steps