Other Additional Activities

Next to the activities described in the sections above, there are a number of other additional activities carried out in the European Partnerships that might be relevant for the implementation of their work programmes. ERA-LEARN introduces some examples and good practices for these activities.

Knowledge sharing using Databases, Hubs, Platforms & Infrastructures

Knowledge sharing is of an utmost importance for the vitality and successful co-operation of partnerships in the European landscape in the future. By now, the past and ongoing partnerships have already formed different kinds of knowledge networks, databases and hubs to intensify the flow of information around their thematic neighbourhoods and more broadly. For collaboration, specific platforms or infrastructures have been built. Existing examples are collected (by ERA-LEARN) under the link above, to be complemented by new ones.

Mapping exercises and policies

Before the formation of e.g. a database or platform, mapping exercises are usually needed first. Similarly, for the dissemination of jointly agreed guidelines, preparation of a policy paper is a valued practise. Some expamples are found here.

Events for Networking

Meetings within the own network or between different actors on the same/nearby thematic area is needed to be better achieve the set targets. When the face-to-face type meeting and networking has been recently challenged, virtual events has become a more usual practise. Some past events for networking has been collected here. Partnerships are invited to disseminate here information about their meaningful future possibilities as well.

Support for internationalization

In order to tackle global challenges adequately, international collaboration between countries both in and outside of Europe is essential, and partnerships are ideal for its‘ manifestation through their joint calls. Here, some Join Programming Initiatives report about their strategies and mapping exercises for collaboration with countries outside Europe.

Prizes and Training

One possibility to increase the visibility of eminent persons in the field or encourage early career researchers/innovators, is to launch prize competitions. This can be issued within one thematic field or by crossing boarders. Here is shown an example of the best publication prize and how the award ceremony can be linked into a larger context of the community.

Furthermore, in the methodology intensive fields, continuous methodological training with new techniques is crusial. By pooling resources, trainings can be organized in collaboration with other actors in the field. Organized courses or workshops also serve as optimal events for networking.