ERA-LEARN thematic partnership workshop: towards Horizon Europe

Date: 15/05/2019 - 16/05/2019

Interactive workshop designed to help preparing the transition towards the new policy approach for partnerships, in particular increasing coherence among current and future partnerships and with the Framework Programmes. More openness to a broader range of actors including closer interaction between public and private actors will be needed.


  • discuss main observations from the thematic discussion papers & receive expert feedback from existing partnerships
  • connect networks thematically & discuss future networking based on thematic commonalities
  • foster cooperation between all types of partnerships & help define useful activities among relevant stakeholders
  • contribute to the rationalisation, restructuring and reform of partnerships towards Horizon Europe


Plenary session: Welcome and introduction (Moderator: Ken Guy, Wise Guys)

Theme-specific parallel sessions: Discussion papers (Moderators and rapporteurs: ERA-LEARN)

Plenary session: Improve coherence of partnerships (Moderator: Ken Guy, Wise Guys)

Download the full Workshop report.