Workshop on the Practical Implementation of Alignment I: Learning from Good Practice

Date: 29/09/2015

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Session 1. Introduction


Mr. Thomas Zergoi, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Introduction to the ERALEARN2020  Project (PRESENTATION NO.1)

Session 2. Designing an Alignment Typology


Ms. Caroline Lesser, French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), The ERALEARN2020 Typology of Alignment  (PRESENTATION NO.2)

Session 3. Assessing Alignment Approaches, Actions and Instruments: Selected Case Studies








Break-out group 1: Advancing alignment via institutional cooperation and funding

-Mr. Gérard Hégron, French Institute of Transport Research and Technologies, Presentation of the JPI Urban Europe Research Alliance (PRESENTATION NO.3)

- Dr. Duncan Jarvis, Programme Manager, Euramet, Presentation of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMPR) (PRESENTATION NO.4)

- Ms. Dominique Mazière, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, Presentation of the European Energy Research Alliance (PRESENTATION NO.5)

- Dr. Patrick Monfray, French National Research Agency, Presentation of the Key Points of the Session (PRESENTATION NO.6)

Break-out group 2: Advancing alignment via networking and capacity building amongst researchers

- Dr. Floor Brouwer, Wageningen University, Presentation of the FACCE-JPI MACSUR Knowledge Hub (PRESENTATION NO.7)

- Dr. Anne Loyen, Free University Medical Center, Presentation of the HDHL-JPI  DEDIPAC Knowledge Hub (PRESENTATION NO.8)

- Dr. Monica Dietl, Director, COST Association, Presentation of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (PRESENTATION NO.9 + brief 9BIS)


Break-out group 3: Advancing alignment via the sharing of research infrastructure and data across countries

- Mr. John Hanus, German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, Presentation of the JPI Oceans’ Sharing of Infrastructure (PRESENTATION NO.10)

- Ms. Natalia Manola, University of Athens, Presentation of the Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe Project (OpenAIRE) (PRESENTATION NO. 11)

- -Dr. Christine Bunthof, Wageningen University, Presentation of the Key Points of the Session (PRESENTATION NO.12)

Session 4. Overcoming a Key Barrier to Alignment: The Inter-Operability of National Rules and Procedures


Presentation and discussion of the issue of inter-operability and/or harmonisation of national rules and procedures for funding and executing research.

- Mr. Martin Schmid, High Level Joint Programming Group (GPC) of the European Research Area and Innovation Committee, Introductory Remarks on Inter-Operability (PRESENTATION NO. 13)

- Mr. Michael Dinges, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Interoperability of Processes for Project Selection Amongst National R&D Funding Organisations (PRESENTATION NO. 14)

- Dr. Gunnel Gustafsson, Nordforsk, Overcoming the Challenge of Inter-Operability: Lessons from the Nordic Research Cooperation (PRESENTATION NO. 15)

Session 5. Conclusions and Next Steps


Discussion of the follow-up and wrap-up of the day

- Ms. Caroline Lesser,  INRA, Presentation of the ERALEARN2020 Task 4.2 (PRESENTATION NO. 16)