Basic Information

Website http://www.woodwisdom.net/
Aim of the joint call n/a
Type of joint call Two Stages - Call with pre-proposals and full proposals submissions
Launch date 01/11/2006
Deadline Pre-Proposal 31/01/2007 Submitted proposal: 74
Deadline Full-Proposal 30/04/2007 Submitted proposal: 45
Evaluation End Date 30/09/2007 Successful proposal: 17 Proposals funded: 17
Is call co-funded? No
Call follow up funding n/a
Call reasons n/a
Research fields n/a
Type of research n/a
Target groups n/a
Participating networks n/a

Organisations Participating

Country Organisation
Denmark Danish Forest and Nature Agency, Nord Zealand, Danish Ministry of the Environment (DFNA)
Denmark Research Council for Production and Technology Sciences (FTP)
Finland Academy of Finland (AKA)
Finland Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES)
Finland Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MMM)
Finland Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee (SNS)
France Ministry of Agriculture, General Direction for Forest and Rural Affairs (DGFAR)
France National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Norway Innovation Norway (IN)
Norway Research Council of Norway (RCN)
Sweden Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA)
Sweden Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS)
United Kingdom Forestry Commission - Research Agency (FC/FCRA)

Funded Projects

Acronym Title Start End No. partners
BioPack Design of biocomposites based on nanocellulose and hemicellu... 01/01/2008 31/12/2010 4
DesignCell Designed Cellulosic Nanostructures 01/09/2007 28/02/2011 5
FUNFIREBIC Functional fibre reinforced biocomposites 01/10/2008 30/06/2010 5
FibreSurf New Biotechnical tools for wood fibre modification and analy... 01/01/2008 31/12/2010 5
FireInTimber Fire resistance of Innovative Timber structures 01/11/2007 31/03/2010 14
GRADEWOOD Grading of timber for engineering wood products 01/12/2007 31/08/2011 8
HemiPop Engineering structure and properties of poplar hemicelluloses 01/01/2008 31/12/2010 4
IRIS New technologies to Optimize the wood information basis for ... 01/01/2008 31/12/2010 16
Improved Moisture - Improved glued wood modelling and mitigation of moisture-induced stresses 01/01/2008 31/12/2010 5
PROBARK A sustainable process for production of green chemicals from... 01/01/2008 31/12/2010 5
ReCell Refined cellulose derivatives for high-value biomedical prod... 01/01/2008 31/03/2011 11
TES-Energy Facade Timber-based element systems for improving the energy effici... 01/01/2008 31/12/2009 16
WOODVALUE Value creation in wood supply chains 01/11/2007 31/12/2010 6
WOVEN Wood formation under varying environmental conditions 01/01/2008 31/12/2011 5
WinFur Use of furfurylated wood for the production of high-performa... 01/10/2007 31/03/2011 7
WoodExter Service life and performance of exterior wood above ground 01/10/2007 28/02/2011 10
WoodFibre3D Structure-property relations of wood fibres: 3D characteriza... 01/01/2008 31/12/2010 6