Project: Wood formation under varying environmental conditions

The WOVEN project deepens our understanding of the factors affecting wood formation and the variation in wood properties of NO spruce and Scots pine. We studied, with the help of empirical observations and mechanistic models, the production and the allocation of carbohydrates, and the dynamic interplay between environmental and genetic factors as they affect cambial activity. To accomplish these objectives, we analysed: (1) the effects of weather variables on wood formation, fibre characteristics, and chemistry, (2) the effects of genetic origin on wood formation, (3) the factors controlling the seasonality in carbon assimilation and availability of current and stored photosynthates during the growing season, and their relationship to nitrogen availability, (4) the effects of water relations and nutrient status on xylem and phloem transport and wood formation, and (5) formulated a dynamic process-based model describing wood formation in terms of wholetree physiology.

Acronym WOVEN
Duration 01/01/2008 - 31/12/2011
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Call JC1

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden
Norwegian University of Life Sciences Norway
Finnish Forest Research Institute Coordinator Finland
University of Helsinki - Faculty of Forest Ecology Finland
Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute Norway