Project: Designed Cellulosic Nanostructures

The over-all objective of DesignCell is to design new cellulosic nanostructures for new potential high-tech applications such as intelligent surfaces, templates for sensors, scaffold for biodevices, multilayer-based high flux non-fouling membranes, optically active/conductive devices for organic electronics and membranes. The project encompasses one project for the production of tailored nanocellulose (WP1), one project for fundamental understanding of nanocellulose-polymer interactions (WP2), and three projects devoted to various high-tech products. The specific role of the partners are given in the specified workpackages. Structural control (methodology) will be obtained by chemical modification allowing some degrees of selfassembly or by multilayering techniques. Commercialisation is helped by development of both low and high-end applications, though this project primarily aims at the high-end of the market.

Acronym DesignCell
Duration 01/09/2007 - 28/02/2011
Website visit project website
Call JC1

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
STFI-Packforsk AB Coordinator Sweden
Royal Institute of Technology - Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology Sweden
Institut Charles Sadron France
Helsinki University of Technology - Forest Products Chemistry Finland
Helsinki University of Technology - Engineering Physics and Mathematics Finland