Basic Information

Call topics •Robust Knowledge, Indicators and Assessments •Multi-level Governance and Management of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus •Managing Potential Strategies and Solutions to address emerging Risk and Tradeoffs at the intersection of Sustainable Urbanisation and the Food-Water-Energy Nexus

Network EN-SUGI
Aim of the joint call The Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative (SUGI)/Food-Water-Energy Nexus is a call jointly established by the Belmont Forum and the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe. The cooperation was established in order to bring together the fragmented research and expertise across the globe to find innovative new solutions to the Food-Water-Energy Nexus challenge. The ultimate goal is to increase the access and the quality of life.
Type of joint call Two Stages - Call with pre-proposals and full proposals submissions
Launch date 09/12/2016
Deadline Pre-Proposal 15/03/2017 Submitted proposal: 88
Deadline Full-Proposal 20/09/2017 Submitted proposal: 39
Evaluation End Date 01/12/2017 Successful proposal: n/a Proposals funded: 15
Is call co-funded? Yes
Call follow up funding n/a
Call reasons n/a
Research fields
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Food, agriculture and fisheries
  • Socio-economics sciences and humanities
Type of research n/a
Target groups
  • Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • Public Research Organisations (PROs)
  • Private and Semi-private Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs)
  • SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Large Corporations
  • Other
Participating networks

Organisations Participating

Country Organisation
Argentina Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (MINCYT)
Austria Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Belgium Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation (INNOVIRIS)
Belgium Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
Brazil São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)
Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (RPF/IPE)
France National Research Agency (ANR)
Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Japan Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Latvia State Education Development Agency (VIAA)
Netherlands Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
Norway Research Council of Norway (RCN)
Poland National Science Centre (NCN)
Qatar Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF)
Romania Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
Slovenia Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS/SRA)
Sweden Swedish Energy Agency (SWEA)
Sweden Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS)
Taiwan National Science and Technology Council / Ministry of Science and Technology (NSTC / MoST Taiwan)
Türkiye The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)
United Kingdom Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
United Kingdom Innovate UK (Innovate UK)
United States National Science Foundation (NSF)

Funded Projects

Acronym Title Start End No. partners
CITYFOOD Smart integrated multitrophic city food production systems –... 01/04/2018 31/03/2021 7
CRUNCH CRUNCH - Climate Resilient Urban Nexus CHoices: operationali... 01/01/2018 31/12/2020 12
Creating Interfaces Building capacity for integrated governance at the food-wate... 01/02/2018 31/01/2021 11
ENLARGE ENabling LARGE-scale integration of technology hubs to enhan... 01/03/2018 28/02/2021 7
FEW-meter The FEW-meter – an integrative model to measure and improve ... 01/03/2018 28/02/2021 13
FUSE FUSE: Food-water-energy for Urban Sustainable Environments 01/04/2018 31/03/2021 4
GLOCULL Globally and LOCally-sustainable food-water-energy innovatio... 01/03/2018 28/02/2021 12
IFWEN Understanding Innovative Initiatives for Governing Food, Wat... 01/02/2018 31/01/2021 8
IN-SOURCE INtegrated analysis and modelling for the management of sust... 01/01/2018 31/12/2020 7
M-NEX The Moveable NEXUS: Design-led urban food, water and energy ... 04/01/2018 03/01/2021 7
METABOLIC Intelligent Urban Metabolic Systems for Green Cities of Tomo... 01/02/2018 31/01/2021 5
SUNEX Formulating sustainable urban FWE strategy by optimizing the... 01/01/2018 31/12/2020 7
Urbanising in Place Urbanising in Place. Building the food water energy nexus fr... 01/03/2018 28/02/2021 11
Vertical Green 2.0 Vertical greening for liveable cities - innovation to facili... 01/04/2018 31/03/2021 5
WASTE FEW ULL Waste Food-Energy-Water Urban Living Lab - Mapping and Reduc... 01/01/2018 31/12/2020 13