ERAC ad-hoc Working Group on Partnerships

The ERAC ad-hoc Working Group on Partnerships was established in early 2018 to contribute to the discussion on rationalising the R&I funding landscape, to better exploit the potential of partnerships for R&I policy in Europe and to create a transparent and accessible partnership landscape for all parties involved.

The group was working on a criteria framework for partnership initiatives and the design of a strategic coordinating process. It furthermore looked into rationalisation aspects and questions related to increasing the efficiency of implementation. In the context of the latter it addressed also the identification of measures to increase the efficiency of partnerships' implementation.

The ERAC Working Group released reports on criteria for selecting EU research & innovation partnerships and on a long-term strategic coordinating process for the selection, implementation, monitoring and phasing out partnerships. 

The final Report of ERAC Ad-hoc Working Group on partnership the is available here.

An "Update on Partnerships" prepared by ERAC (17.09.2019) is available here.

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