Topic 1: ERA-LEARN 2020 – How can the IT platform better serve community interaction, mutual learning and P2P promotion?


Netwatch had successfully implemented a web platform for the P2P community until 2014. In the past, the responsibility for content was divided, with only the toolbox for ERA-NET practitioners being under the responsibility of the ERA-LEARN consortium. Since 2015, this has changed: together with the scope of ERA-LEARN, now covering all it based services, the scope of the Web Platform was extended to further P2P communities like Art. 185 and JPI practitioners.

Initial offers have been made to the latter (, but uncertainty remains with regard to the type and extent of services to be provided for the communities.

A web survey on user needs has been undertaken by ERA-LEARN 2020 ( During the workshop, the participants shall discuss and specify IT based potentials for an enhanced community interaction, mutual learning and P2P promotion.



 The workshop aims 

  • to present and discuss results of the web survey on user needs with a specific view on IT,
  • to discuss options for enhanced or new feature (benchmarking of networks, promotion towards policy level stakeholders, community interaction)



 9:30-9:45            Welcome / Introduction to IT platform (FFG)  

 9:45-10:15          User needs survey results presentation, discussion

10:00-10:45         Specific Topics Discussion (group work)

-Topic 1: Network Assessment and Benchmarking (VDI)

-Topic 2: Marketing (DLR)


11:00-11:15         Group work results (Rapporteurs), Wrap Up