Project: Evaluation and management of As contamination in agricultural water and soil

Acronym AgriAs (Reference Number: WaterJPI-JC-2016_02)
Duration 01/04/2017 - 31/03/2019
Project Topic Arsenic in agricultural soils and water, and its subsequent entering into the food chain cause potential risk to human health and ot aquatic and soil organisms. AgriAs addresses the global problem of water and soil pollution by arsenic from multidisciplinary perspective and highlights the needs of sustainable development and healthy food chain. The main objective of AgriAs is to evaluate and manage European risks of As exposure through agriculture, providing a complete summary of efficient tools available for As remediation as well as an array of tools for ecotoxicity evaluation that will help stakeholders and decision makers to manage As contamination. In order to accomplish this, the project will build on existing knowledge by using comprehensive national and European databases, developing and testing new technologies and carries out risk monitoring. Particular attention will be paid to demonstration and dissemintation of project deliverables in close interaction with stakeholders, end-users and policy-makers. The project team has a wide international network and numerous international projects on-going for arsenic studies. The results of the project have potential for commercial exploitation and new job creation especially in water and soil treatment. The results and the new knowledge can be utilized also by the SMEs, especially in the generation of bio-indicators, new fertilizers and soil-conditioners. This research proposal complements the strategic priorities in Water RDI, such as sustainable ecoystems, safe water for citizens, and water-wise bioeconomy.
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Network WaterWorks2015
Call 2016 JOINT CALL: Sustainable management of water resources in agriculture, forestry and freshwater aquaculture sectors

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Geologian tutkimuskeskus Coordinator Finland
2 University of Oulu Partner Finland
3 G.E.O.S. Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Partner Germany
4 Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières Partner France
5 ADERA Partner France
6 Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan Partner Sweden