Project: Building Pervasive Participation

Acronym b-Part (Reference Number: 438-12-442)
Duration 01/04/2013 - 01/12/2016
Project Topic b-Part will investigate novel concepts and solutions for citizen e-participation utilizing latest mobile device technology and appliances embedded in today’s urban environments. The proposed pervasive participation approach will consider each level of e-participation by enabling, engaging, and empowering citizens with the ultimate aim of encouraging a continuous dialogue between a city and citizens by using contemporary technology. In a highly interdisciplinary approach, involving end-users through Urban Living Labs, b-Part will combine user-centred pervasive interaction research with social studies to explore engagement and activation, and research on democratic innovations to ensure integration into the overall political decision making process. The research project aims to support development of pervasive participation in European cities and to strengthen the citizens’ involvement in governance. Due to the steadily increasing penetration of smart mobile devices, on-going instrumentation of urban environments, as well as citizens’ growing interest in e-democracy, b-Part represents a highly relevant and timely research endeavour.
Network JPI Urban Europe
Call JPI Urban Europe first Pilot Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH Coordinator Austria
2 University of Turku Partner Finland
3 Örebro University Partner Sweden