The European Biodiversity Partnership

Basic Information


Being one of the main actions of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, the European Biodiversity Partnership (Biodiversa+) will coordinate research programmes between EU and its Member States and Associated Countries, mobilising environmental authorities as key partners for implementing biodiversity research and innovation, along with ministries of research, funding organisations, and environmental protection agencies (75 organisations from 37 countries). Biodiversa+ has five overarching objectives:
(1) improve monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem services across Europe (status and trends);
(2) generate actionable knowledge to tackle the direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss;
(3) expand and improve the evidence base, and accelerate the development and wide deployment of NbS to meet societal challenges across Europe;
(4) make the business case for the conservation and restoration of biodiversity; and
(5) ensure efficient science-based support for biodiversity policy making in Europe.

Biodiversa+ will meet these objectives by
(i) setting up a pan-European network of harmonized monitoring schemes, building on existing national/regional monitoring schemes, creating capacity for setting up new schemes, and feeding into the EC Knowledge Center for Biodiversity;
(ii) coordinating research programmes between the EU and its Member States and associated countries, thereby ensuring the long-term pan-European research agenda is co-created and implemented;
(iii) contributing science-based methodologies to account for and possibly value ecosystem services and the natural capital, and to assess the dependency and impact of businesses on biodiversity and
(iv) better linking of R&I programmes to the policy arena, providing greater input to policy making and improving the assessment of policy efficiency. Doing so, Biodiversa+ will help ensure that, by 2030, nature in Europe is back on a path of recovery, and by 2050 people are living in harmony with Nature.

H2020 Societal Challenges

HORIZON C6: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

Research fields covered by the network

  • Environment
  • Food, agriculture and fisheries

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Joint Calls

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End Date
Biodiversa-plus 2023-2024 Joint Call two-stages 11/09/2023 01/11/2023 01/04/2024 30/09/2024
Biodiversa-plus 2022-2023 Joint Call two-stages 08/09/2022 09/11/2022 05/04/2023 29/09/2023
Biodiversa-plus 2021-2022 Joint Call two-stages 01/10/2021 30/11/2021

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