An ERA-Net in Biodiversity Research (BiodivERsA)

Basic Information


BiodivERSA is an ERA Net involving 15 countries and 19 major research funding agencies in Europe with significant research funding in the field of terrestrial, freshwater and marine biodiversity. Most ERA-Net members are represented on other fora which dis cuss and recommend requirements for European biodiversity research: including the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD-SBSTTA), Diversitas, the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS) and the European Science Foundation (ESF). Reco mmendations from these fora are often made without a formal mechanism to ensure connection with the strategies, priorities and budgets of national research funding agencies. The aim of BiodivERsA is to contribute to setting up such a mechanism, and its obj ective for the period 2004- 2008 is to achieve an efficient trans-national research co-operation in the field of biodiversity.research funding. With the aim of contributing to the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, BiodivERsA will allow the fu nding agencies to collate existing activities, compare future strategies and recommendations of consultative bodies, and systematically explore opportunités for future collaboration. BiodivERsA will also contribute to better coherence and inceased synergie s between the national programmes of cooperation with developing vountries in the field of biodiversity research funding. In order to achieve this, BiodivERsA will proceed through seven stages: - inventory, description and classification of biodiversity re search programmes and reserach funding programmes of ERA-Net members; - information gathering and linkage of ERA-Net members funding programmes with developing countries; - identification of best practices to be compared, shared and implemented among the p articipants; - Indentification of the existing opportunities for cooperation ; identification of administrative, legal and technical barriers to cooperation

Research fields covered by the network

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Biodiversity: Linking Scientific Advancement to Policy and Practice two-stages 01/01/2008 03/03/2008

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