ERA-NET for establishing synergies between the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Horizon 2020

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Antibiotic resistance is a global problem. It is considered by the World Health Organization as one of the three greatest
threats to human health for the next decades. ’Enhanced coordination across national boundaries is needed to accelerate the efforts to tackle this grand challenge. Such synergies have been created among 19 countries in Europe and beyond through the EU JPI on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR). JPIAMR has developed a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) which defines the strategic and scientific priorities benefiting from co-ordination and co-operation at the European level and mobilised national funds for two joint transnational calls (JTC) 2014 and 2015 based on this.
In the ERA-NET Cofund JPI-EC-AMR, an additional € 23 million of national funds will be combined with a highly incentivising EC top-up fund to support a new transnational research programme. The aim of this programme is to unravel the complex dynamics of selection and transmission of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) according to the One Health concept. A multidisciplinary approach is necessary to identify and characterise the determinants that contribute to the spread of resistance at genetic, bacterial, animal, human, societal, and environmental levels, in order to provide scientific knowledge to design and evaluate cost-effective strategies that can decrease transmission of AMR in society.
JPI-EC-AMR will launch additional JTCs without EC co-funding under the framework of the SRA. and perform additional joint actions in close collaboration with JPIAMR actions.
JPI-EC-AMR will provide a better, quantitative understanding of drug-resistant bacteria in animals, foods, and the
environment and to what extent they contribute to the burden of antibiotic-resistant infections in humans. Research in this area is crucial in order to provide the robust scientific evidence needed to make informed decisions regarding interventions and policy measures in hospital, community, and agricultural settings.

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H2020-SC1 (Health, demographic change and wellbeing)

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
3rd Joint Call: JPI-EC-AMR ERA-NET Cofund Call on Transmission Dynamics two-stages 18/01/2016 21/03/2016

Submitted: 83


Submitted: 37


Funded: 19