Project: Exercise System for Parkinson continuous treatment and rehabilitation.

The PRK_TREATMENT project CO objective is to improve Parkinson patient care and treatment. This objective is to be accomplished by means of a software web tool that enables the patient to do several tests and exercises online or onsite for psychological, physical and speech therapies in order to COtain or improve patient condition. This tests and exercises will be monitored by the professional (psychologist, physiotherapist and/or speech therapist) in order to control the patient evolution with a professional guidance._x000D__x000D_Parkinson patients could have accessibility problems to access the exercises and this should be addressed firmly in order to achieve an easy to use system. Strong accessibility, usability and user-friendliness requirements must be included in the design to break usage barriers in the final solution. _x000D__x000D_The CO focus of the project is to create an Exercises Platform that will address different categories highly related with Parkinson treatment such as psychology, physiotherapy and speech therapy. These exercises will be specifically design for Parkinson patients to ensure quality treatment, including different levels of difficulty and will be monitored by the therapists in order to control the patient evolution. The system will enable the customization of exercises in order to adapt them to each patient situation and needs either automatically or by professional guidance. The system will also include motivation techniques to promote the patient to continue regularly with their therapy or rehabilitation._x000D__x000D_An important feature of the system will be the writing tests that Parkinson patients do in their evaluations. These tests compare their writing with a template in order characterize patient condition and also to do hand rehabilitation. The project will try to automatically measure the deviances to suggest to the professional._x000D__x000D_The system will include social networking tools to promote a common network for Parkinson treatment. Social integration is of great importance in the process of chronic diseases treatment and the inclusion of social tools for professionals, care givers, family and patients will be an important feature to improve patient quality of treatment and motivation._x000D__x000D_The project will be monitored by a panel of clinical experts with neurology experience in Parkinson treatment in order to ensure project successful guidance. This panel of experts will be subcontracted in Spain by the CO participant and will be formed by medical experts that collaborate closely with APM in several Parkinson projects and studies._x000D__x000D_The project will focus on research and development during the first 2 years and a half and end up with a System Trial during the third year. This trial will be done with Spanish and Portuguese Parkinson patients and will use GaliaSoft as a platform for improving patient monitoring and coordination between professionals. GaliaSoft is an Association Web-based management system developed by ARTICA and APM that is currently on the market._x000D__x000D_To carry on PRK_TREATMENT project the following consortium has been made:_x000D__x000D_- Artica Telemedicina (ARTICA) is a Spanish SME with R&D experience that has collaborated with APM during the last 4 years in technological improvements of the association for Parkinson Management and will offer their experience in technology for the social-health sector. For the System Trial ARTICA will offer the support of GaliaSoft platform in order to improve patient management both in administrative and clinical scopes, statistical information and communication between professionals during the pilot._x000D__x000D_- The Parkinson Association of Madrid (APM) is a Non-Profit Organization that has been working in the care of people with Parkinson since 1994. Is the biggest Parkinson Association in Spain and has shared all its experience and the work of its professionals to develop GaliaSoft with ARTICA. Their valuable knowledge on Parkinson treatment needs will be very useful during the whole project and they will carry on the System Trial in Spain._x000D__x000D_- Agilus I+D is a Portuguese SME with a wide experience in R&D projects and will offer their experience in the technological research and development._x000D__x000D_- The Portuguese Parkinson Association (APDpk) is a Non-Profit Organization reference in Parkinson within Portugal. They will collaborate in the project with their knowledge of Parkinson and they will carry on the System Trial in Portugal.

Acronym PRK_TREATMENT (Reference Number: 5143)
Duration 01/03/2010 - 28/02/2013
Project Topic Software Exercise System for Parkinson professionals and patients to carry on therapy and rehabilitation processes; it could be adjusted to patient situation either automatically or by professional guidance and include motivation techniques to promote the patient to continuously care his disease.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
The CO result of the project was the development of a Server Platform that can be used in Parkinson disease rehabilitation by the patient and by the therapists, allowing them to execute specific exercises in a saliente matter. _x000D_This platform allows therapist to prescribe PD specific exercises already incorporated in the platform and also include new patient-specific exercises. _x000D_Additionally, the diversity of exercise is an interesing result. The type of exercises included are integrated in the following categories: physical exercises (in video and Kinect technology), cognitive therapy, writing and hand exercises (using a digital pen).
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 3

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
4 Associação Portuguesa de Doentes de Parkinson Partner Portugal
4 ARTICA TELEMEDICINA S.L. Coordinator Spain
4 INOVAMAIS - Serviços de Consultadoria em Inovação Tecnológica , SA Partner Portugal