Project: Digital Inclusion Youth & Ageing

The CO goal is to provide a platform for digital inclusion of Europe’s ageing population with a Mobile Social Software turnkey solution and platform designed to reduce social isolation, improve quality of life, and provide services with user-friendly tools in a context of digital equality. Unlike the computer, the mobile phone is used by both younger and older people. It is therefore the most universal communicating device if we look for the device used by all generations including older people. The mobile phone is used very differently by the younger and older generations. Young people cannot do without it--they frequently change phones and they use more and more services. The older population, on the other hand, use only the most basic services such as making and receiving phone calls. _x000D_The goal of the project is to capitalize on the situation as described by-- _x000D_> utilizing the younger generation’s enthusiasm for mobile technologies putting them in contact with the aging population to help seniors implement useful services, _x000D_> taking advantage of the near-universal presence of mobile phones to offer new services for older people--services that will reduce their isolation, bring them new opportunities, and provide essential life-convenience services. _x000D_To reach this goal, and keeping in mind that the older population use very few mobile services apart from voice telephony, it is obvious that we must design our offering so that access to the services is simplified (for example, one key equals access to one service application), and at the same time, exploit the potential of synergy between the young and old as described. _x000D__x000D_Project Description_x000D_The mobile-based services will provide older people with Social Networking, Entertainment, Interaction, Transportation, and Services around a Social Approach to Health. As with other social networking platforms, users will be able to stay in touch and exchange text, vocal, visual and audio content. Being able to stay in touch with children and grandchildren on a modern device is already in itself an enormous benefit. However, our platform will go farther than a traditional social network by providing services specifically designed for older people. _x000D_As a turnkey solution, users will not need to set-up and interconnect a variety of services and tools, often required with traditional Social Networking solutions. The social networks will consist of private communities ensuring that the “wrong” type of people will not be able to join the community. _x000D__x000D_Examples of Basic Service Scenarios_x000D_1/ Social Networking: Sharing interests, concerns, content, contributing, publishing, staying in touch, linking to friends, making new friends, etc. all with an easy-to-use interface specifically designed for the needs of an older population. The idea is to provide three groups of contacts to share with – family, friends, and community (or a specific group within the community)--visible and accessible with three tactile buttons._x000D_A Mobile Social Network service dedicated to older people will enable them to build relationships and be involved and connected. At the same time it will enable them to send a message to a specific member or group of members if they have a problem or if they are not feeling well. The service will be designed to contribute to their comfort, well-being and independence, while providing the user with digital empowerment. _x000D__x000D_2/ Bridging the intergenerational gap_x000D_a) A 70 year old community member would like to share his or her experience, go on an outing, or share a meal, … with a young person belonging to the community._x000D_->The user sends out a message to the community to find a young person interested in the event or exchange ->Young community members respond ->The user replies and a meeting or exchange is set up._x000D_This interconnection service looks to specifically promote intergenerational solidarity. The service is offered within a closed community. It aims to bring together two populations who may experience exclusion within their community. _x000D_b) An 80 year old community member is looking for personal services in exchange for providing a room for a young person. The user can send post a want-ad to the community, receive replies, and make appointments to meet potential candidates._x000D_This interconnection service is designed to further bridge the intergenerational gap, specifically aimed at bringing together young, unemployed drop-outs who are often socially excluded, and older people with needs. _x000D_c) A 75 year old community member wants to be more involved and connected with her grandchildren. _x000D_The child or grandchild can select photos posted on Facebook to be sent to the grandparent’s mobile device. The grandparent can react to the photos through the mobile device in several ways. In this scenario, regular exchanges and interactions are facilitated and the grandparent shares experiences and participates actively in the grandchild’s life. _x000D_

Acronym DIYA (Reference Number: 5287)
Duration 24/03/2010 - 31/08/2011
Project Topic Platform for digital inclusion of Europe’s ageing population with a Mobile Social Software turnkey solution and platform designed to reduce social isolation, improve quality of life, and provide services with user-friendly tools in a context of digital equality.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
We achieved all the deliverables: _x000D_- API architecture _x000D_- Beta/Prototype version of the developers APIs_x000D_- Online documentation _x000D_We made the configuration Web site (account creation for seniors, setup, preferences…) and the Community Web site interface (family, friends, sharing…). We realized the P integration for service and usage testing in a prototype._x000D_And we also made a POC iPhone & Androïd application fat first for a 2nd usage and then for a 3rd usage_x000D_
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Project partner

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2 University of Newcastle upon Tyne Partner United Kingdom
2 CLICMOBILE Coordinator France