Project: 3-Dimensional Airport & Vicinity Geo-Database: A Product for the Aviation and Other Industries

(1) Deliverables_x000D__x000D_• “Product”: A s/w to producing digital 3D-Aerodromes (ie, airport & 50 km regional vicinity) from “readily available remotely sensed data”, so to cost effectively compile the 3D-Aerodromes world database—This product does not exist world-wide_x000D_• “Service”: A Portal-Service delivering worldwide 3D-Aerodromes to the aviation & other industries as a product & as a service, initially with 50+ EU aerodromes—This service does not exist worldwide_x000D_• “Standardization”: Certification initiation & worldwide patent for the product workflow & standardization, based on EU/International standards (eg ICAPO, FAA, SC193/EUROCAE WG-44, INSPIRE, OGC)—Such standardization does exist worldwide_x000D_• “Company”: The product & webservice reach the market via: (i) an EEIG Joint Venture at project start, (ii) a Company to be established in Munich on month 12 of the project; A spinoff asset for an EC programme_x000D__x000D_(2) Background_x000D__x000D_• Members of our consortium delivered in 2009 the LANDING project (; EC/AAT Aeronautics & Aviation Transport proramme_x000D_• LANDING is a pre-industrial aviation product (h/w, o/s, s/w, 3D-data) for landing small-medium aircrafts via 3D in-cockpit rendering visualisation (Figure 0)_x000D_• LANDING was validated with 3D vector data of Lugano, Bolzano & Skiathos, “non-automatically” produced; Data is a key component in aviation devises, and 3D-databases do “not” exist worldwide._x000D_• Submission of this proposal was initiated at LANDING closure (See attachment)_x000D__x000D_(3) Technical applications_x000D__x000D_Applications cover 4 aerodrome areas & the landing-takeoff tunnel (Figure 2):_x000D_• Area 1—World/State Level Database (DB1): airport surroundings beyond 45 km radius from the Aerodrome Reference Point (ARP)_x000D_• Area 2—Terminal Maneuvering Area Database (DB2): radar-controlled approach area on controlled airports or the area from the VRF reporting points to the landing field (= 45 km from ARP)_x000D_• Area 3—CAT II/III Operation Area Database (DB3): aircraft landing & departure operations area (= 10 km from ARP)_x000D_• Area 4—Airport Database (DB4): Aerodrome administration area, defined by the fence of the airport or the management area of the airport operator (1-3 km from ARP)_x000D_• Areas 2 to 4—Air & Ground Navigation & Aircraft Movement Security Database (DB5): All four areas above & additional info (aeronautical, flight guidance, 2D/3D GIS data)_x000D_• Landing & take-off Tunnel as a function of the aircraft type & regional/local environment conditions_x000D__x000D_(4) Market & applications_x000D__x000D_• The marketing study of LANDING indicates: The 2000+ airports of Europe, the 50.000+ general aviation aircrafts and the 180.000-200.000 micro light aircrafts, can generate net profit in 3D-maps-needs exceeding 300.000 euro/year (1st year 2011) to 8,7 million/year 5th year 2016. This estimate can double if international aerodromes are produced_x000D_• The project delivers a 3D-database with 50+ EU aerodromes_x000D_• We will link to: (i) airport authorities, (ii) the aviation industry (eg, Honeywell, VistaNav, Vision1, Boeing, Airbus Moving Terrain, AvMap, and Garmin) for technology leasing, towards producing the 3D-Aerodromes World Database, and (iii) digital maps providers (eg Jeppessen aviation, Tele Atlas) for product commercialization_x000D__x000D_(5) Consortium_x000D__x000D_1. The members of this proposal participated in LANDING. Thus, we have 4+ years of experience on the 3D-Aerodromes user-needs. Our Ps originate from DE, GR and IT and have distinctive roles & subproduct deliverables, that when assembled (like the Airbus industry) lead to the "3D-Aerodromes" product_x000D__x000D_2. Our Consortium will form (i) an EEIG Joint Venture at start of the project and (ii) a Company to market the product on month M13_x000D__x000D_3. Ps_x000D__x000D_1) EPSILON International SA ( leading GIS SME (GR, 1985) focused in navigational databases (air, land, sea)_x000D_2) EPSILON Italia srl ( SME (IT, 1996) specializing in remote sensing & webGIS_x000D_3) ESRI Deutschland GmbH ( leading SME (DE, 1979) with vast world experience in databases, standards and an international sales network (ArcGIS product)_x000D_4) PSU GmbH ( leading SME (DE, 2009) established via the fusion of SSF GmbH (airports & transport eng. design) with Plannungsbuero Prof. Schaller (GIS technologies co.)_x000D_5) WUERTH Italia, spa ( leading firm specializing in s/w testing_x000D_6) KEP3 AG ( specializing in s/w+data interface to avionics_x000D_7) INTERMAP GmbH ( specializing in radar & space data collection & processing to 3D attributes_x000D__x000D_4. Subcontractors_x000D__x000D_1) Aeroservices SA ( for database flight tests_x000D_2) MUSSNER & Associates, Law Offices ( National Technical University Athens, Greece ( Technical University of Munich, TUA (

Acronym 3D-Aerodromes (Reference Number: 5162)
Duration 28/07/2010 - 28/07/2012
Project Topic "3D-Aerodromes" delivers: (1) A software technology to "automatically" producing aerodromes 3D-geodatabases (airport & 50 km vicinity) out of "readily available" remotely sensed data, and (2) A web-service with an initial geodatabase containing 50+ European airports. No such product exists worldwide
Project Results
(after finalisation)
1) Concept, design, and implementation of a processing chain for sustained production of 3D aeronautical data_x000D_2) Development of high quality platform independent S/W tools for the process chain in (1) for Windows and Linux (32 bit/64 bit)_x000D_3) Processing and production of 5 (6) graded thematic aeronautical databases using (1), (2) on a EU continental coverage base_x000D_4) Integration of standard GIS (ArcGIS) modules Aeronautical Extension and 3D City Engine into the processing chain (1)_x000D_5) Documentation, test, and outsourcing of (1) to (4) as a server system for AvionTek GmbH, Friedrichshafener Str. 1, 82205 Gilching, DE,
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 3

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
7 EPSILON International SA Coordinator Greece
7 EPSILON Italia srl Partner Italy
7 ESRI Deutschland GmbH Partner Germany
7 INTERMAP Technologies GmbH Observer Germany
7 KEP3 AG Partner Germany
7 PSU, Prof. Schaller Umwelt Consulting GmbH Partner Germany
7 WUERTH PHOENIX s.r.l Partner Italy