Project: GeoTrackSports _x000D_ Real-time Tracking and 3D Visualization for Running Sport Competitions

The G.T.S. (GeoTracksSports) project will be carried out by two innovative SMEs:_x000D_- Trimaran, created in 1991, is a French development and production studio for computer graphics, specialized in geographic database-linked 3D television visualizations for sport events._x000D_- Sport-Track, a Dutch start-up founded in 2005, is specialized in tracking and visualization of sport events on the Internet._x000D__x000D_For several years, Trimaran and Sport-track have been cooperating with the aim to develop a tracking and visualization platform for outdoor sport events. This cooperation will lead to new products for monitoring and visualizing sport events, from small and local to large and international._x000D__x000D_The G.T.S project is an innovative project (cf. paragraph 2.2.1) which takes place under this long-term cooperation. The aim of the G.T.S project is to develop a tracking and 3D visualization platform dedicated to the running sport events such as marathons._x000D__x000D_The G.T.S project will benefit from a previous project undertaken jointly by Trimaran and Sport-track: the GeoRacing project. The GeoRacing project is a R&D project that was launched in 2006 with the purpose to validate and demo the concept of real-time tracking and visualizing in 3D sport events. It focused entirely on cycling. The ESA (European Space Agency) Ped in the GeoRacing project. The GeoRacing project was labelled Eureka in April 2006 under the number 3729._x000D__x000D_By means of the G.T.S. project, we want to broaden our market. Instead of a focus on cycling, the G.T.S. project will focus entirely on running events. With the products that result from the G.T.S. project we want to serve small local to large international running events. The choice for running events was made largely because of the strategic market position of Sport-track’s mother company: ChampionChip. ChampionChip is the market leader in the RFID chip timing market for running events. To support this leading position, ChampionChip has developed a world-wide distribution network of dedicated timers. We want to propose to ChampionChip a technologically new real-time tracking and visualization system that can be sold through the existing sales network._x000D__x000D_The experience gained during the GeoRacing project will be useful for the G.T.S. project in the way that the concept is validated and that Trimaran and Sport-track have become accustomed to each other. In addition, strategic contacts have been established with a few large event organizers. The G.T.S. project will substantially raise the technological contribution required by both companies. Moreover, the G.T.S. project is specifically aimed at the development, research into, and production of marketable products._x000D__x000D_The G.T.S. project will result in the following end-products:_x000D_• Running Trackers (these are devices that will be worn by the runners that enable tracking);_x000D_• 3D visualization for large screens and TV (this is a hardware and software applications that visualizes the position of the runners participating in an event in real-time, high quality video, and 3D);_x000D_• Internet Video Stream (this provides from the 3D a real-time video stream that can be implemented in web sites);_x000D__x000D_We will sell the hardware products to timers of ChampionChip’s worldwide distribution network. The timers pay an annual fee and a per-event licence fee for using the 3D visualization application. An overview of the division of revenues is provided in the Project Consortium Agreement (PCA) that is attached to this Application Form. _x000D__x000D_The market we aim to serve consists of thousands of small, medium-sized and large running sports organizations throughout the world. The G.T.S. project diversifies the market presence of Trimaran and strengthens the market presence of Sport-track in the running events market. _x000D__x000D_The end-products resulting from the G.T.S. project could meet the market demand from all people involved in sport in the world, from the media, organizers, sponsors, teams and finally the runners and spectators._x000D__x000D_Finally, the GTS project will contribute to promote running in the world, making it better to watch, more fun to do, and so contribute to a healthier world.

Acronym G.T.S. (Reference Number: 4287)
Duration 01/05/2008 - 31/10/2010
Project Topic This project aims to provide new products for tracking runners during sport events such as marathons and provide a live 3D visualization system for screens, video wall, and TV. Innovations are a miniaturized belt tracker, high number of runners and simultaneous events to track and broadcast in 3D.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
• Tracker system can use for different kind of sports._x000D_• First GeoBox hardware available for 3D live visualisation with generic software for 3D rendering (GeoRender), DataManagmenet (GeoDataManager) and user interface (GeoPilot)._x000D_• First final application available for 3D live visualisation for Sailing Sport (Live and Replay modes)._x000D__x000D_
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 1

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
2 TRIMARAN S.A. Coordinator France
2 MYLAPS Sports Timing Partner Netherlands