Project: Manufacturing of sizable area and integrated dye-sensitized solar cells

The goal of this project is to manufacture DSSC panels of (e.g. 914 mm ¿ 580 mm) with 7% efficiency and long-term stability including 200-cycle thermal stability (-40 Celsius to 90 Celsius) and light soaking test (255W/m2 and 500 hr). We also deliver essential chemicals including high-efficiency dyes, stability-secured gel-type electrolytes, various n-type oxide pastes and anti-reflective nanostructures, which will significantly boost the cost reduction and long-term reliability of DSSC panels.

Acronym MOSAICS (Reference Number: 9507)
Duration 01/03/2015 - 01/03/2018
Project Topic Energy Technology
Network Eurostars 2
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 2

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
20893 ORION Co. Ltd. Coordinator Korea, Republic of
20894 Korea Institute of Energy Research Partner Korea, Republic of
20895 Obducat Technologies AB Partner Sweden
20896 Chung-Ang University Partner Korea, Republic of
20897 Gaia Solar A/S Partner Denmark
20898 GPYO Engineering & Consultancy Partner Spain
20899 AP Nanoteknoloji Ltd. Partner Turkey