Project: Pharmacogenomics Research And Clinical Excellence in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases in African Populations

Acronym PRACE (Reference Number: TMA2016SF-1508)
Duration 01/04/2018 - 31/03/2023
Project Topic Background & Rationale: Whilst there is an increasing number of clinical studies conducted in Africa, there are no comprehensive training programs to develop senior research leaders nor mentors to junior scientists in this field. With pharmacogenomics becoming central in the safe and efficacious use of medicines at individual and population levels, the conduct of clinical trials is increasingly involving pharmacogenomics, knowledge of which is currently limited among African investigators. Aim: This program therefore aims to develop the Fellow’s skills in the conduct of clinical pharmacogenomics, develop training materials and postgraduate programs for the mentorship of the next generation of clinical pharmacogenomics scientists, and to apply acquired research capacity in the conduct of two clinical studies. Approach: This will be achieved through the applicant harnessing local expertise and by establishing international collaborative links with leading researchers in key aspects of clinical pharmacogenomics. The fellow will go for first-hand attachment experiences at several institutes with world class expertise in identified areas of pharmacogenomics. Arising from these knowledge and technology transfer collaborations, a 5-week course on advanced concepts of clinical pharmacogenomics and a 1.5 year MSc in Genomic Medicine will be developed and implemented. The two programs will be registered with the University of Zimbabwe for continued offering, thus build sustainable local capacity to train the next generation of clinical pharmacogenomics researchers. Two candidates will be selected to lead the conduct of two studies in pharmacogenomics in the treatment of HIV and schistosomiasis as part of their PhD training. Outcome: This program will develop the fellow into a leading international clinical pharmacogenomics researcher able to attract grants, leverage productivity through strong international collaborations and mentor young researchers in this specialized field. Within this program, the applicant will have developed two training programs. Twenty researchers will complete the Fundamentals of Clinical Trials and the Advanced Topics in Clinical Pharmacogenomics courses. Ten scientists will complete the MSc in Genomic Medicine degree and 2 scientists complete their PhD studies. Expected impact: A world class champion in clinical pharmacogenomics will be produced, thus increasing Africa’s participation and competitiveness in the field. Availability of a critical mass of clinical research scientists with both fundamental and advanced skills will enable the design and conduct of high quality research, attract funding and international collaborations. The results from the two clinical pharmacogenomics studies will usher a new era of precision public health in the safety and efficacy of HIV and schistosomiasis treatment.
Network EDCTP2
Call Senior Fellowships 2016

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 African Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology (Private) Limited Coordinator Zimbawe