Project: Innovative orchard management enhances soil fertility, biodiversity and economic sustainability 

Acronym DOMINO (Reference Number: 1939)
Duration 01/05/2018 - 01/05/2021
Project Topic Weed control and crop protection and nutrition require high input supply in intensive organic fruit and grapevine cropping systems, causing undesired costs and ecological impacts including nutrient imbalances. Nonetheless, to reduce inputs might threaten crop yield and quality. The DOMINO project aims to improve long-term sustainability of intensive organic orchard and vineyard by innovative strategies expected to increase biodiversity as a source of resilience for the agroecosystems, and to reduce the dependency on external inputs. The proposed strategy includes: i) the introduction of new cash intercropping species, expected to contribute to plant nutrition and protection while increasing biodiversity; ii) the use of recycled organic amendments from composted waste and digestate to improve soil fertility and suppressiveness, as well as carbon balance of the system; iii) the introduction of microbial-based products for plant nutrition and protection to promote soil biodiversity and enhance inputs efficiency; iv) the introduction of overhead netting for crop protection; v) the overall designing of orchard management to promote eco-services. Nutrient budgets, soil parameters, root growth and plant physiology, occurrence of pests and diseases, yield and quality will be evaluated. Based on the outcomes new strategies for soil management, crop protection and fertilization will be developed in a regionally adapted multi-stakeholder approach with organic fruit and vine growers.
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Network CORE Organic Cofund
Call CORE Organic Call 2016

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Polytechnic University of Marche Coordinator Italy
2 Institute of Horticulture - Skierniewice Partner Poland
3 Centre Technique Interprofessionnel Fruits Légumes Partner France
4 Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Partner Switzerland
5 University Hohenheim Partner Germany
6 BioSudtirol Partner Italy
7 Fruit Growing Institute Partner Bulgaria
8 Laimburg Research Centre Partner Italy
9 Bio Vinschgau Partner Italy
10 Bioland Südtirol Partner Italy
11 SBR organic Partner Italy
12 Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica Partner Italy
13 Fördergemeinschaft Ökologischer Obstbau e.V. Partner Germany