Project: Active Living for Alzheimer Patients

Acronym ALFA (Reference Number: aal-2010-3-022)
Duration 01/09/2011 - 01/09/2015
Project Topic The number of people with dementia will grow rapidly in the next decades. People with dementia and their informal carers have special needs in order to live a dignified and happy life. Because of their cognitive and physical challenges it becomes increasingly difficult for them to direct their own daily activities. What people with dementia need from ICT is help in regaining control over their life and choices. It should preserve and even restore some cognitive functions. Then ICT should recognise and identify changes in their behaviour patterns that would indicate an improvement or relapse of their condition, so early intervention is possible. And it should provide all these functions in peoples own homes as well as in care facilities. The ALFA project is targeted at patients in early stages of dementia and their informal carers. It also supports the professional carer in organising support. The technology in project ALFA will consist of combining and refining different kinds of wireless monitoring and communication technology, like audiovisual communication and projection, sensor array's, identification and location technology, movement analysis algorithms, fall detection working together with a web application that supports people with dementia in making daily choices in activities the want or need to perform. The business model is aimed at substantial cost reduction and a dramatically improved quality of life. If rapid deterioration and depression is prevented or slowed down it will save costs for medication and treatment. Other trials with small scaled residential care for patients with dementia have already proven this. Our product will improve this cost saving even further. Substantial savings are to be expected in preventing or postponing the need to move people to residential care.
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Network AAL
Call Call 3 – Self-serve Society

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Alzheimer Nederland Netherlands
EXEL Italy
Iniciativas Comunitarias de Desarrollo Estepa - Sierra Sur S.A. Spain
Mondragon Unibertsitatea Spain
Noemalife Italy
Ribes Ricerche e Formazione Srl Italy
Consorzio T3LAB Italy
VU University Amsterdam Netherlands
Woonzorg Unie Veluwe Netherlands