Evaluation procedures

Advice for Co-funded European Partnerships: You need to follow the following procedure for each co-funded call:

  • use the standard Horizon Europe award criteria selection criteria
  • projects must be selected following a joint transnational call for proposals
  • beneficiaries must make the selection through a two-step procedure:
    • Step 1: review at national or transnational level (including national eligibility checks)
    • Step 2: single international peer review
      • proposals must be evaluated with the assistance of at least three independent experts
      • proposals must be ranked according to the evaluation results and the selection must be made on the basis of this ranking
      • the selection procedure must be followed by an independent expert observer, who must make a report

Advice for ERA-NET COFUND: The mandatory cofunded call must obey the following evaluation principles:

  • 2-step proposal submission (and evaluation) procedure;
  • Minimum consortium: at least 2 legal entities from two different EU Member States or Associated Countries
  • Step 1 evaluation: review of pre-proposals either at national or transnational level
  • Step 2 evaluation: a single international peer review of full proposals; each full proposal must be evaluated by at least three independent experts
  • Selection of the projects must follow the ranking list (=binding ranking); proposals with identical scores at the threshold of available funding may be selected according to the availability of funds in order to maximise the number of selected projects
  • Evaluation criteria for full proposal evaluation: 1) excellence, 2) impact, and 3) quality and efficiency of the implementation

These rules do not strictly apply to joint calls without EC top-up funding.