Plan necessary meetings

The administration of a call will necessarily require the exchange of information among all agencies, such as the results of national/regional eligibility checks. This can be done through web-based proposal management tools and/or meetings (physical or telephone/video conferences). Experience shows that personal meetings are still a relatively effective way of reaching agreements, especially for large networks.

Communication could be required at the following call milestones:

  • Eligibility checks
  • Consensus on results of the pre-proposal phase and invitations to the full proposal phase
  • Consensus on results of the full proposal phase and on ranking list of recommended proposals
  • Information on the time frame for setting up national/regional grant agreements
  • Monitoring of call implementation
  • Monitoring of funded projects

The meetings are ideally planned already during the setting up of the time frame in order to ensure the availability of all call participants.

Between the milestones, communication will be established through email, telephone and/ or web-based tools.