Topic 2: Evaluation of Joint Programming – key issues


In order to better assess the Joint Programming process and the 10 Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) the Commission has established a group of high-level experts evaluating the progress made in Member States and Associated Countries on Joint Programming in addressing Grand Societal Challenges. The main purpose of the Expert Group is to

  • Evaluate the progress made in Member States on Joint Programming in addressing Grand Societal Challenges;
  • Assess the current commitment and progress to align national research programmes to the common priorities;
  • Define success criteria and identify success factors/bottlenecks;
  • Consider priorities for operational follow-up for Member States, JPIs and their stakeholders and the European Commission.

The workshop will offer the possibilities to discuss with the experts their preliminary findings with a particular focus on the key issues and how they could be addressed. This will be reflected in the final report that is due to be published in early 2016.



  • Discuss and validate the key policy issues and problems that have been identified by the expert group
  • Encourage a debate on how to address these issues and identify possible areas of actions for the different stakeholders involved (Member States, JPIs, GPC, Commission Services)



16h00 - 16h15: Preliminary briefing on the issues and workshop process (Angus Hunter)

16h15 - 17h45: Moderated discussion by member of the Expert Group in rotating configurations (world café style) on how the different stakeholder issues can be addressed (20 minute sessions)

  • Member States (Kristin Danielsen)
  • JPIs & their stakeholders (Clair Giry)
  • GPC (Angus Hunter)
  • Commission Services (Juan Tomas Hernani)

17h45 - 18h00: Wrap up by rapporteurs