WoodWisdom-Net 2

Networking and Integration of National Programmes in the Area of Wood Material Science and Engineering in the Forest-Based Value Chains

Basic Information


"The first ERA-NET on wood material science and engineering, WoodWisdom-Net started in 2004 with 12 partners from 5 countries. In 2006 the network expanded with 6 partners (3 new countries). As a main result, late 2006 the first joint Transnational Research Programme (2006-11) with 17 projects of a total volume of over 20 M€ was launched. WoodWisdom-Net 2 with 19 partners from 12 countries aims at deepening and strengthening the transnational cooperation based on experiences and existing cooperation structures, procedures and mechanisms but also on variable geometry approach (organisations from new partner countries) for broadening the network activities and EU impact. Based on learning and streamlining the core of joint activities is further development of the WW-Net Research Programme and evolution of the network towards a common research and funding platform for sustained cooperation. The overall objective is to promote the transformation of the European forest-based industry from resource-intensive to value-added knowledge-intensive industry based on sustainable use of renewable raw materials. This is to be reached by: - creating and establishing a common research and funding platform for long-lasting cooperation by deepening and broadening cooperation, and strengthening the ongoing WW-Net Research Programme to cover the whole innovation chain from science to business by launching new calls, reinforcing industrial involvement and developing management of a transnational programme - assisting in development of innovative, eco-efficient processes, products and services along forest-based value chains – promoting competitiveness - promoting utilization of decisive knowledge for new applications at a crossroads between different technologies and disciplines - transformation of F-BI from traditional separate value chain industry to optimized multiple value industry addressing to customer needs, reduced resource consumption, and increased value creation."

Main research priorities of the network

Wood material science and engineering

Research fields covered by the network

  • Biotechnology
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Food, agriculture and fisheries
  • Industrial production
  • Materials
  • Nanosciences and nanotechnologies
  • Services

Target Groups

  • Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • Public Research Organisations (PROs)
  • Private and Semi-private Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs)
  • SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Large Corporations

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
Joint Call 2010 between ERA-Nets WoodWisdom-Net 2 and ERA-NET Bioenergy two-stages 15/09/2010 01/12/2010

Submitted: 81


Submitted: 40


Successful: 13

Funded: 13

Sustainable, competitive processing and end-use concepts for forest-based industries one-stage 11/11/2009   23/02/2010

Submitted: 38


Funded: 9