Project: New protection technology to substitute creosote for the protection of railway sleepers, timber bridges and utility poles

Creosote oil is one of the oldest and most effective wood preservatives, mainly used in heavy-duty applications outdoors such as railway sleepers, utility poles, and timber bridges. Due to its toxicity, creosote is highly controversial within the European Commission and its approval for use after 2018 is questionable. From the current perspective, a ban of creosote after 2018 would hit the European wood industry and the users of creosote-treated wood products hard because alternative products are not market-ready yet. Besides its strong biocidal effect, creosote is water-repellent and thereby counteracts crack formation in wood; this dual function makes great demands on substitute products. CreoSub’s overall objective is to develop alternative protection technology that shows a better health and safety profile than creosote. In the course of the project, the efficacies of the new protection systems against wood destroying fungi are investigated, impregnation processes are optimized, and physical and mechanical properties of wood treated with the systems are examined. the project also includes an environmental assessment of railway sleepers, utility poles, and timber bridges made of wood treated with the new protection systems.

Acronym CreoSub (Reference Number: n/a)
Duration 01/01/2014 - 30/04/2017
Project Topic Wood processing and treatments
Project Results
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Network WoodWisdom-Net+
Call WW-NET+ Call for Proposals

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Norwegian Institute of Wood technology Coordinator Norway
2 Moelven Limtre AS Partner Norway
3 ScanPole AS Partner Finland
4 Rasjonell Elektrisk Nettvirksomhet AS Partner Norway
5 University of Göttingen Partner Germany
6 Koppers Deutschland GmbH (formerly Osmose Deutschland GmbH) Partner Germany
7 Fürstenberg-THP GmbH Partner Germany
8 Arch timber Protection Limited Partner United Kingdom