Project: ENabling Micro-ConcEntrator PhotovoltaicS with Novel Interconnection MetHods

Acronym ENMESH (Reference Number: 75)
Duration 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2019
Project Topic The Swiss company Insolight is developing a patented PV module that promises a reduction in LCOE for roof-based solar from 0.16€/kWh to 0.011€/kWh. The system uses an array of micro-solar cells with optics and integrated microtracking to produce a low-profile rooftop-compatible solar system with an independently demonstrated efficiency of over 36%, a 100% efficiency gain over cSi. This high efficiency is made possible through the use of advanced multi-junction cells under concentrated light, a technology known as CPV. Specifically, the product represents one of the first commercial examples of micro-CPV (μCPV ), wherein the cells are 1mm2 in size or less. μCPV increases performance (due to reduced cell operating temperature, higher optical efficiency and lower series resistance losses) and lowers costs. Insolight innovation has further improved the μCPV concept by embedding sun tracking internally in a 50mm-thick panel, enabling roof-top or BIPV installations and avoiding bulky and expensive trackers. An outstanding technological challenge in μCPV is the need to use massive cell interconnection processes due to the large number of micro-cells involved, 5000 cells/m2 for the Insolight module. The current state of the art is wire bonding, however this inherently serial process is prohibitive for thousands of cells. The Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, in collaboration with Dycotec Materials Ltd, offer an innovative cell interconnection process involving direct printing of ultra-durable nano-particle coatings systems to allow the massively parallel connection of solar cells in a cost-effective high volume roll-to-roll or sheet fed printing process, paving the way for the low-cost manufacture of μCPV. We will partner with Insolight in order to develop, test, and validate this interconnection technology for their module, leading to the production of 20cm x 20cm micro-cell boards in a pilot line which will be assembled into a final 10 m2 demonstrator system.
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Network SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Coordinator Spain
2 Dycotec Materials Technology Partner United Kingdom
3 Insolight Partner Switzerland