Networking and Integrat. of National and Regional Programmes in the Field of Photovoltaic Solar En.

Basic Information


PV-ERA-NET is a European network of programme co-ordinators and managers in the field of photovoltaic solar energy (PV) research and technological development (RTD).

The consortium comprises major key players in the field of national and regional RTD programmes involving photovoltaics (PV), which is considered a key technology and industry. The consortium comprises 17 partners from 11 countries with more than 20 national and regional RTD programmes.

The mission of PV-ERA-NET is to carry out activities towards sustained co-ordination and co-operation between national and regional programmes in the field of PV RTD in the European Research Area (ERA) and thereby create a durables structuring effect and impact in terms of coherence, innovation and economic growth and strengthen Europe's position in photovoltaics, which is considered a high technology and a key industry.

The major goals related to this overall objective are:
* Enhanced and sustained co-ordination, co-operation and coherence of photovoltaic RTD programming activities, through systematic information exchange; assessment of best practice for programme design and implementation; identification of complementarities, gaps and opportunities between different RTD programmes; analysis of barriers and solutions towards sustained co-ordination and co-operation; and implementation of joint activities and approaches.
* Improvement and corroboration of the structure and effectiveness of photovoltaic RTD activities and to foster ERA, through increased co-ordination and co-operation of programmes (considering that at least 75% of PV RTD in Europe is financed at national / regional level); contribution to overcome the traditional fragmentation of research efforts in Europe; durable structuring effect in RTD programmes and programming on a European level; achievement of critical mass in specific RTD issues; increased excellency of RTD and the competitiveness of related industries in Europe.

Research fields covered by the network

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