Project: The Food Biomarker Alliance

Duration 01/04/2014 - 01/07/2018
Project Topic Food frequency questionnaires, food diaries, and 24h recall methods are commonly used exposure assessment methods in human-based nutrition-health research. Frequently, also biological food/nutrient markers are determined as biomarkers and may provide more reliable intake measures than self-reported data. However, only very few of these biomarkers are sufficiently validated and accepted. The Food Biomarkers Alliance (FoodBall) aims to develop clear strategies for biomarker discovery and validation reflecting food intake. For that reason, FoodBall will systematically explore and validate a range of dietary biomarkers covering important and public health relevant foods in Europe. Common biomarker sampling techniques (i.e. venous/arterial blood collection) as well as promising new biomarker sampling techniques (i.e. dried blood spot (DBS) analysis) will be investigated. Importantly, metabolomics techniques will be used for the discovery of biomarkers as main –omics technique. While focussing on food intake, links with nutrient and health status will also be made. Finally, FoodBall will develop an unique platform for sharing knowledge and resources with the scienctific community (i.e. open-access databases on food metabolites, software tools for annotation of food metabolites, and chemical libraries). In order to meet aforementioned aims seven workpackages (WP) are defined.
Network JPI HDHL

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Wageningen University Coordinator Netherlands
2 University College Dublin Partner Ireland
3 University of Oslo Partner Norway
4 University of Kopenhagen Partner Denmark
5 University College Dublin Partner Ireland
6 European Food Safety Authority Partner Netherlands
7 Ghent University Partner Belgium
8 University of Alberta Partner Canada
9 National Food Industry Partner Denmark
10 Institut national de la recherche agronomique Partner France
11 Technical University of Munich Partner Germany
12 Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy Analysis - Research Center for Food and Nutrition Partner Italy
13 Edmund Mach Foundation Partner Italy
14 Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna Partner Italy
15 University Medical Center Groningen Partner Netherlands
16 Nutrition and Toxicology Research Institute Maastricht Partner Netherlands
17 University of Barcelona, Pharmacy School Partner Spain
18 Max Rubner-Institute, Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food Partner Germany
19 Lausanne University Hospital Partner Switzerland
20 Agroscope, Institute for Food Sciences Partner Switzerland
21 Helmholtz Center Munich Partner Germany
22 The Netherland Organisation Partner Netherlands