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The FET Flagship ERA-NET, called FLAG-ERA, gathers national and regional funding organisation with the goal of supporting the FET Flagship initiatives and more generally the FET Flagship concept. Most funding organisations in Europe participate, either directly or as associated members. The project also fosters international cooperation with funding organisations outside Europe. FLAG-ERA thus offers a platform to coordinate a wide range of sources of funding towards the realization of very ambitious research goals.
FLAG-ERA contributes to the construction of the two Flagship initiatives on Graphene and Human Brain research, and also offers support to the four non-selected pilots to progress towards their goals with adapted means. It does so through a range of activities. In order to enable researchers funded through various sources to work in tight cooperation with each other in the context of the two Flagships, the funding organisations in FLAG-ERA coordinate their funding framework conditions. In order to enhance complementarities and synergies of regional, national and European research programmes and initiatives, the funding organisations share information on these programmes and initiatives, identify gaps and overlaps, and can thus adapt their thematic program and launch new initiatives according to the identified needs. In particular, they can launch transnational calls enabling researchers from different countries to propose joint contributions to the Flagships. Additionally, in order to encourage the actual construction of the Flagships and take-up of their results, the funding organisations organise networking sessions for the research communities and other stakeholders, including industry.
The activities in FLAG-ERA are organised around periodic events gathering all stakeholders and structured in sessions dedicated to the various objectives and related tasks of the project. All activities are done with the long-term vision of the Flagship programme in mind, and the project extends slightly beyond the ramp-up phase in order to accompany the transition to the fully operational phase of the Flagships.

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
Flag-ERA JTC 2016 one-stage 22/01/2016   31/03/2016  

Funded: 4

Flag-Era JTC 2015 one-stage 27/10/2014   21/01/2015

Submitted: 108


Funded: 19