Strategic cooperation between national programmes promoting sustainable construction and operation of buildings

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ERABUILD aims at having a major impact on creating the European Research Area (ERA) in research on sustainable development in the construction and operation of buildings. A step towards this aim isplanning and preparing a trans-national R&D programme in the area. A short term goal for theproject is the development of a learning network. One of the steps to increasing the cooperation and coordination of national programmes will be toidentify and implement best practices in programme management. This will harmonise the practices inuse and thus promote durable co-operation and opening of national programmes. Achieving ambitious cooperation of national innovation and research programmes will require astrong and flexible management structure, with good trust and understanding among the partnes. The way we aim to achieve this is to start with a core group of 13 partners from eight countries andthen actively expand during the project. Funding construction research is mainly part of national agendas. Neither the EU nor other European organisations currently have capacity to handle large and ambitious European research, developmentand innovation programmes on construction. This picture does not look as if it will change in thenear future. This is why coo rdination of national programmes is the oily road towards a strongEuropean research community in this sector. Achieving the objectives will contribute in raising thecompetitiveness and sustainability in one of the leading sectors of the European economy .

Research fields covered by the network

  • Energy
  • Environment

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Joint Calls

Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
Industrialisation one-stage 21/04/2006   17/07/2006

Submitted: 15


Funded: 8

Joint Call on Managing Information in Construction   01/05/2005   01/09/2005

Submitted: 8


Funded: 1