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Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET


The ERA-NET MarineBiotech (ERA-MBT) recognises that Europe’s marine ecosystems and organisms are largely unexplored, understudied and underutilized, in spite of Europe’s access to an extensive and diverse set of marine ecosystems, supporting an enormous marine biodiversity. This resource, through the coordinated application of marine biotechnology, has the potential to provide a major contribution towards addressing some of the most pressing societal challenges including environmental degradation, human health and delivering sustainable supplies of food and energy, amongst others regarded as the Grand Challenges for our future. The ERA-MBT is therefore designed to deliver better coordination of relevant national and regional Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI) programmes in Europe, reducing fragmentation and duplication, and paving the way for common programmes and cooperation in the provision and use of research infrastructures. A necessity to make sustainable use of this unique resource. ERA-MBT's 21 partners will work with stakeholders from industry and organisations to identify needs and gaps in the value chain from research and development, through optimising research results for proof of concept and industrial uptake and valorisation. At least three transnational calls will address these challenges, and cooperation with complementing activities will be explored to add value and power to enable the development of a horizontally applicable technology like marine biotechnology.

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Research fields covered by the network

  • Biotechnology
  • Environment

Network Details

(Data received by the network)
Last updated: 18/05/2017
Joint Call Title Type Launch Date Deadline
End Date
3rd Transnational Call: Metagenomic approaches for valorization from the marine environment one-stage     07/03/2017
Submitted: 17
COFASP Call 2016 (with ERA-MBT) two-stages   06/05/2016 20/06/2016 17/10/2016
2nd Transnational Call: Bioactive Molecules from the Marine Environment one-stage     16/03/2016  
ERA-IB 7th Joint Call, in collaboration with ERASynBio and ERA-MBT one-stage     01/02/2016
Submitted: 37
1st ERA-MBT Call: The Development of Biorefinery Processes for Marine Bioresources two-stages   10/12/2014
Submitted: 37
Submitted: 24
Successful:     Funded: 6