ERA-CVD Joint Transnational Call 2019

Basic Information

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the largest cause of death in the European Union (EU), as they account for around 2 million deaths per year. Furthermore, these diseases are one of the leading causes of long-term sickness; chronic diseases and labour force loss due to disability and thus pose a major health-and socio-economic problem in Europe and beyond. Based on a better understanding of the causes of CVD, development of new innovative medicinal products and improvement in medical technology requires innovative research based on scientific excellence. Cardiovascular research and its translation into better preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes are fundamental for patients in Europe and worldwide.

Network ERA-CVD
Aim of the joint call The ERA-CVD funding organizations particularly wish to promote multi-disciplinary work and translational research proposals. The individual components of joint applications should be complementary and contain novel, ambitious ideas to answer key questions or lead to a step-wise change in understanding of cardiovascular diseases. There should be a clear added value in funding the collaboration over individual projects by sharing of resources (models, databases, diagnosis etc.), harmonisation of data, sharing of specific know-how and/or innovative technologies. Hence, JTC2019aims at enabling Early Career Scientists in different countries to build effective collaborations and interchange on common multidisciplinary research projects, hence establish new consortia in cardiovascular disease. The opportunity to independently develop and perform highly innovative research projects enables capacity building and empowering of Early Career Scientists.
Type of joint call One Stage - Call with no pre-proposals submission
Launch date 14/01/2019
Deadline Full-Proposal 29/04/2019 Submitted proposal: 39
Evaluation End Date 02/09/2019 Successful proposal: 37 Proposals funded: 11
Is call co-funded? No
Call follow up funding n/a
Call reasons n/a
Research fields
  • Health
Type of research n/a
Target groups
  • Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • Public Research Organisations (PROs)
  • Private and Semi-private Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs)
  • SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)
Participating networks n/a

Organisations Participating

Country Organisation
Austria Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Belgium Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
Canada Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
Estonia Estonian Science Foundation (ETAG)
France National Research Agency (ANR)
Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Germany German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Israel Ministry of Health (CSO-MOH)
Italy Ministry of Health (MOH/MDS)
Latvia State Education Development Agency (VIAA)
Netherlands Dutch Heart Foundation (DHF)
Poland National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR)
Romania National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation (ANCSI)
Slovakia Slovak Academy of Science (SAS/SAV)
Spain Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII)
Turkey The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)

Funded Projects

Acronym Title Start End No. partners
B-eatATHERO “The role of B cell immunity in accelerated atherosclerosi... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 3
CHEMICAL “Cancer Therapy-Related Clonal Hematopoiesis as a Driver o... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 3
DEFIANCE “Defining Environmental Factors Influencing and Affecting ... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 3
FIBRONETx “Casting NETs in the fibrotic heart” 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 3
Gut-brain-immune-HHD “Gut-brain interactions modulate immune response in Hypert... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 4
HF-MetaB “Metabolic therapy of heart failure: which role for B vita... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 4
IMPHLeXIONS “Inflammation and Metabolism in Pulmonary Hypertension are... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 3
MEIDIC-VTACH “Electro-Imaging for the preDICtion of Ventricular TACHyar... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 3
MyPenPath “The Role of the Pentose Phosphate Pathway on Myeloid Cell... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 4
SCALE “Single Cardiomyocyte ALlelic imbalancE in hypertrophic ca... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 4
SICVALVES “Multiscale modeling of Valvular Heart Diseases. Understa... 01/05/2020 30/04/2023 3