Project: Multi Energy Storage Hub For reliable and commercial systems Utilization

Acronym MESH4U (Reference Number: 100522)
Duration 01/12/2020 - 31/05/2023
Project Topic A fundamental transformation of energy systems towards a low carbon economy provide the key challenges for the energy storage concept. The MESH4U has taken as a goal to develop and test multi energy storage hub solutions for flexibility operation from end customers in the local grids, via SMEs/Industry up to the Energy/Distribution System Operator. The objective is to enhance the reliability and economic advantage of energy supply as well as to offer more flexibility and cost efficiency to the modern distribution power grids. The MESH4U solutions will be implemented in 4 demonstrators in different countries in order to test several use cases and applications of multi energy storage hubs within different infrastructures, size of the systems, regulatory and market conditions. With these new concept the added value for each region can be calculated and it will be practically tested, taking into account the technical-economic-sociological triangle and framework conditions.
Network EN SGplusRegSys
Call Joint Call 2019 on Energy Storage Solutions (MICall19)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Electrum sp. z o.o. Coordinator Poland
2 Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Partner Poland
3 Innovations for Energy Partner Poland
4 Europejski Instytut Miedzi Sp. z o.o. Observer Poland
5 Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation Partner Poland
6 Krebs‘ engineers GmbH Partner Germany
7 Arte Möbel GmbH Partner Germany
8 Avacon Netz GmbH Observer Germany
9 University of Rome Tor Vergata Partner Italy
10 IVECO Observer Italy
11 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne Partner Switzerland
12 GridSteer Partner Switzerland
13 Romande Energie Observer Switzerland
14 Commune of Aigle Observer Switzerland
15 GOtthard FASTcharge Ltd Observer Switzerland