Project: High Energy Density Lithium Sulfur Batteries for Stationary Applications

Acronym HED-LiS (Reference Number: 100825)
Duration 01/08/2020 - 01/08/2022
Project Topic LiS batteries are commercially available in niche applications. The present market for LiS batteries is therefore dominated by the aerospace industry, specifically high altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).The proposed battery cell will initially target these UAV applications. In its maturity, it will expand into wider markets, including electric cars, electric ferries, and stationary storage systems. The project aims to prototype Li-S cells with energy density of ~400 Wh/kg and a cycle life of at least 500. This claims the highest energy density/highest life cycle for a commercial LiS battery. We will develop a novel Li-S battery cell based on a cheap and readily available carbon sponge in the cathode, LixSi/rGO anode and a unique solid state electrolyte. The cell performance will meet the requirements of various applications and extends the adoption of LiS batteries. Studies can be equally applied to existing Li-ion battery systems to obtain higher energy density.
Network EN SGplusRegSys
Call Joint Call 2019 on Energy Storage Solutions (MICall19)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Sakarya University Partner Türkiye
2 Graphene Batteries AS Coordinator Norway
3 Pulsedeon Oy Ltd Partner Finland