Project: Development of tools enabling the deployment and management of a multi-energy Renewable Energy Community with hybrid storage

Acronym H2 CoopStorage (Reference Number: 99427)
Duration 14/09/2020 - 30/12/2022
Project Topic H2 CoopStorage responds to the challenges posed by the deployment of renewable energy production means, by improving local balancing, by reducing renewable intermittences and by intensifying the production of renewable energy. More specifically, the project aims to develop methodological tools and software allowing the deployment and management of a multi-energy (electric, heat, hydrogen) energy community (EC) integrating hybrid storage (electrochemical and fuel cell) to be able to respond to the storage of daily and seasonal energy needs. The tools will be developed on the real Mortsel pilot site, responding in a global manner to the challenges posed by technological, societal and legal barriers. The project is also innovative in its approach because the actors of the EC will participate in the development of tools through a co-construction process. This is fundamental to ensuring that the tools developed meet the needs of all stakeholders.
Network EN SGplusRegSys
Call Joint Call 2019 on Energy Storage Solutions (MICall19)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Université libre de Bruxelles Coordinator Belgium
2 CLEF scrl Coordinator Belgium
3 Fabricom ENGIE Partner Belgium
4 GreenWatch Partner Belgium
5 Cenaero Partner Belgium
6 Norwegian University of Science and Technology Partner Norway
7 Reykjavik University Partner Iceland
8 Zuidtrant CVBA Partner Belgium
9 Bluesky Energy Observer Belgium
10 Opérateur De Réseaux D'énergies sclr Observer Belgium
11 KU Leuven Observer Belgium